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With god’s grace, some of us in the world, were blessed at having a safe,  stable and plain sailing 2020. The year gone by, taught the world many things like: Holding caution at supreme attention because corona is no walk in the park.Health care workers are equivalent to godsThat we are still capable of leading… Continue reading COMMEMORATING 2020 & WELCOME 2021

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The Patronage

“Look at your daughter’s situation before rejecting the proposal. She neither has the looks nor any extraordinary talent. If you both keep rejecting alliances like this, your daughters will never get married.Bhavani  you need to understand your responsibility and think like a mother; not as their friend.”, an angry Madhav, bellowed at Bhavani and left… Continue reading The Patronage

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As I stand, gazing at the rain,The droplets trickling down the window pane,My eyes mist over brief recollections,Of stolen moments under the grey heavens,Where, unbridled, I courted freedomEnjoying every import of humdrumThe mind once smogged with lackadaisical dreams,And in the heart where only serenity screamedI ask myself now, 'What's bereft'?For hardly anything of the old… Continue reading Rhythm

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Cosmic Phenomenons

Miserably writhing in pain, In the black ophidian’s grips, A shrill piercing howl, Our fiery Apollo emits Swallowed whole by the dragon? Or chased by the vicious wolves? Slipped through the orb of the demon? Or god’s anger on humans? Sable screening the blue, The universe shudders and sighs The globe views, wonderstruck, The stygian… Continue reading Cosmic Phenomenons

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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

(This is a work of pure fiction and meant as a light read without intending to cause any offence to anyone in particular) Me: “Maaaa, I’ve got the job I interviewed for in the MNC, last week. I'll be joining as an Assistant Project Manager.” (I squeal excitedly.) Ma: It is a wonderful news child.… Continue reading Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

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My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

Twinkle Khanna, widely known for her blunt, satirical articulation and sassy punchlines, often never desists from calling a spade a spade. This article is with reference to a recent video posted out by her on Mother’s Day where she captioned the video as: “What mother’s really want for Mother’s Day but can’t tell their kids.… Continue reading My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video