To my opinionated fellow humans….

During my sojourn here so far , I have often come across people who are quite “opinionated” about others in their attitude. Rather they take pride in forming these opinions and proving to the rest of the world on how right they were. For some, this remains a favourite habit and accordingly they keep approaching that other person with either downright condescension or with extra undeserving modesty. Now, this can be quite upsetting to a person who realises that he is being unsolicitedly made to be at the receiving end, especially when he doesn’t know why.

Well, here’s a piece of my mind to those people with this habit –

·         Opining about somebody is a common sense thing and far better than moronically walking or following them since it could save a lot of trouble for both in the future but what is more important is to keep reading the changes. It would certainly be very unintelligent to not or refuse to look at the changes and keep holding on to the same opinions.


·         While it is necessary to try and understand the restraints under which the other person is operating by getting down to the facts, it would certainly help to approach the situation with a sympathetic humane attitude, open mind and a still better move could be to directly discuss / put forth thoughts before the concerned person and try to understand ‘’the why side of the story’’ (instead of holding onto self-assumed presumptions) and maybe even try to give them a gentle push towards correction, if felt necessary – just simple attempts to relieve or clear our  inner selves of our own self-perceived notions.


If the intrusion is unwelcome, extricate, keep your concerns to yourself and peacefully leave them to their fate or to their self-invited experiences.


·         ‘’Staying’’ (not ‘’being’’) harshly opinionated is a trait that will aid to happily incite our inner negativity and ego and the more we allow ourselves to indulge in this trait, higher is our possibility of turning close to sadists in the long run. True that everyone has the freedom of thought but before we misuse this freedom, we must also remember that it is these very own thoughts that can gobble up our wit, happiness & positivity someday. Further, our thoughts that also often tend to influence our words and behaviour might, at some point of time, let out certain negative vibes, spoiling our equations with people in an irreparable way, which can be well-avoided with a gentle and patient approach especially to situations that are going to be of absolutely no consequence to our self.


·         Further one must also remember that each day is a different experience and changes keep happening with everyone and quite possible that though the other person is going wrong or was definitely wrong at some point in time, he cannot / will not / has not retrace(d) his steps and correct(ed) himself. And as they say, “No person in this world is pure and perfect. If you avoid people for their little mistakes, you will always be alone. So judge less and love more”. Also no one can be pre-cluded from ‘trying out’ or ‘experimenting’ things as that is probably ‘their’ way of growing up.


·    Understandably every adult has different wants and desires with the right to choose their own way of life for which he / she is solely responsible. So as long as what others do is not going to affect you in any way, it would always be plausible to react less and understand more by putting ourselves into the other person’s shoes instead of categorising and putting them into a certain basket and keep thinking ill of them. The world is in need of kinder people and it would certainly not hurt to try and make this world a better place to be for everyone through kindliness rather than further complicate things through anger, abhorrence or distaste.

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