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Fright-ed afternoons…Is there a ghost?

It was noon and I was back from college. Mom and Dad were in office and brother was as usual hanging out with his friends somewhere. I was alone at home.

A weird silence loomed over the house and I felt very lonely with no one to talk to. The first thing I did as soon as I stepped in, was to open out the windows to let in some fresh air. I then realised I was hungry. The television was my only company while I had my lunch in the living room.

I flipped through a couple of channels while there was still some time for the movie to begin. Every afternoon the ATN channel showed a horror movie which I looked forward to. At times, the same movies were repeatedly telecast during the week and some of them were the spookiest.

I enjoyed the horrifying thrills, filling up my lonely afternoons and the rush of adrenaline they created, but today it was different. The evil laughter of the lady ghost loomed loud in the silence and her shriek was real eerie. With a wicked cackle, she was all glee in trapping too many innocent people. Somehow it felt very creepy and sinister.

Then suddenly the drapes moved apart, followed by a gush of air through the window. It felt bizzare. Just when I was going to dismiss this uncanny sensation, I thought I heard someone move from the bedroom to the kitchen and a strange fear arose. I muted the Television for a couple of minutes as if to re-confirm.

It can’t be, I thought. There is a temple in the house. How is it possible? The house where the gods reside, cannot be haunted. By now, I was perspiring profusely  and my heart beat was rapid. I waited with bated breath to see what would follow when suddenly the door bell rang…

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