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This winter afternoon…

A dullest, cold afternoon it is today…the sky sunless and overcast…the austere chill indubitably registering the onset of a stony winter into the sunny desert, this time around…the torpid weather has already sleep-induced the city into a sopoforic mode….dopey and tired without any reason and already two hours into slumber, I don’t feel like giving this up yet when I am suddenly awakened to the loud siren of a police Van somewhere…’Oh god, what now!!!’…grumbling, I sit up, yawning, heavy-eyed and trying to push my groggy head into a thinking state till I catch an intense odor of something burning…’Oh Shit!!!’….I recollect with difficulty….’Did I forget to switch off the gas again?’…Startled, I make a dash for the kitchen hoping feverishly that the detector has not picked up the smoke…

(This post is an attempt at fiction induced by the chilly November weather)

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