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The Dilemma of Addressing our Mother Goddess Kaali…

Children often get into the habit of affixing a relation such as Aunty, Uncle etc., behind the name of every adult they encounter…or, in the Indian culture, so do we lead them to do that, in the process of training them to address everyone respectfully..

Yesterday night, when all three of us i.e. hubby, me and little one were lounging  around on the bed with the TV on, slightly languid, after the weekend grocery shopping and dinner outside, when there appeared a trailer of a dancing reality show ‘Dancing Superstar’  where some kids were enacting a theme dance of ‘Goddess Mother kaali’ vs ‘the Demons’…where the Goddess Kaali make up  (entire body painted in blue, besides the blood red tongue hanging out) was very well done, in projection of the gruesome avatar . Also the kid who was playing the role appeared to be extremely agile in his / her props and jumps while enacting the sequence. I noticed LO watching it intently & pop came the next question ‘who is this?’ I told her it’s goddess Mother Kaali. So that she doesn’t form an opinion that it’s something terrible & bad i.e. going by the looks alone, I proceeded to explain to her that she’s a  goddess to whom we pray and revere.

I then further went on to show her more videos of her other acts in her gruesome avatars, in a bid to explain that she is a goddess who protects us from evil things and perils. The kid seemed to understand everything and started demanding more of her videos to be shown…’I want to see Kaali aunty’ (she will never call anyone aunty unless she relates to the incumbent in a positive way), thus putting me into a further dilemma on how to correct that…Well! Goddess  Kali is not her aunty for sure but then if I tell her not to call her that, would mean I am okay with her being casual while addressing a Goddess…’Kali Maa (mother)’ would be right, I thought, but again as per her logic, there’s only one mother that she has and which means more further questions to which I probably might have no answersπŸ™„

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