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My Connection with the Almighty !!! (Part I)

Many a times I can strongly feel the presence of god around me….I know he’s just there…as ever…watching out…guiding…protecting…

He looks on as I fail in some of the things that I attempted and miserably wished they succeeded but never did…WHAT IS HE DOING?, I have wondered agitatedly…only to eventually realise that HE was there… looking on…doing nothing…as that was what I felt then…but completely unaware that I was being goaded to choose the right…he was waiting for me to understand…so that I worked on things that were real…long term and lasting…not simply the superficial ones…HE was ensuring that I am lifted overall and in the best possible way….instead of success in some and failures in the critical ones…and to achieve that HE was making me walk a path of compromise…at times the path seemed quite narrow and the windings too sharp…sometimes I even felt like I was skating on thin ice…at those moments, these did feel like setbacks…because I had to slow down my pace…they say you win some you lose some, I used to console myself… but then that was not the case…. in the long run, they were a massive escape out of  potential pitfalls…Of course!!! I did realise this at some point of time, a little late though…and these are precisely those euphoric moments, when I feel a deep sense of gratitude….for the solid protection…without an ounce of lapse…and that’s when I rush to him…to tell him what I feel…’Vow God you are superb!!!…You are truly great!!!’ and I can feel HIM bestowing those huge beaming smiles at me…as if saying ‘See, I told you!!!’

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