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Cooking…a combination of the therapeutic + meditation + art

After an early start each day, by early evening, my energy to think and function is dwindled down and mind begins wandering around thoughts of things that I could do after reaching home. The office hours end at 5.00 pm and since the travel is far, I choose to leave with my colleagues who use the company vehicle to commute back home. Resultantly, any left-over work is carried home to be done in a fresh frame of mind.

The minute I leave office, the next thought that tantalises the mind, besides my little one, is naturally of food. The mind begins drifting towards thoughts of delicious aromatic flavors that might have been registered in the memory at some point in time, during the daily walk of life and hands immediately set out to google, looking out for new cuisines that could be tried, to pep up the hard day, in a bid to side-step the usual ones that would have seemingly become routine and boring. The yearning to enliven up the sustenance pushes me to carve out something new each time…something yummy…different…appetizing…mouth-watering and of course, pre-dominantly healthy but many times I find myself lost in deciding the menu. At 40+, now that we have chosen to abide by certain self-imposed dietary restrictions, the choices get automatically limited and recipes have now become restricted around specific ingredients, in an attempt to keep the diet clean and trying to avoid the glut. And then as I begin deciding on the base food for that night, I start googling for some delicious accompaniment to go with it.

To ensure a healthy meal while trying to satisfy the tongue-crave for the fancy is a different challenge altogether…..coupled with another big condition of being vegan i.e. ours being a staunch vegetarian family, what new dish could be churned out while keeping up all those parameters, always remains a tough question to answer. Bearing in mind, the long-term health interests of the family, the diet that I largely attempt to maintain and follow at home stays low on oil, fat, carbs and spice while trying to keep up a decent portion of the protein and fibre content. Therefore, all recipes and food combinations have to be modelled accordingly so that all these conditions are somewhere met. And when I am lost on new recipes, the next person whom I naturally remember is my mom. I hope and wish she were beside me to teach some of her own innovations, now that my own innovations have seemingly become wearisome to me. Still my research remains regularly on to add more different vegan cuisines to my menu. All this must always be closed not without curd rice and / or buttermilk at the end to ensure supply of coolants / probiotics to the system.

And of course, commensurate with this, the next thing that must be ensured is a good sleep during the nights. So, being low on TV time is equally important.

Love your senses…try to make your day with tasty, healthy food…love your body (nourish and cherish it)…love your life…isn’t this the motto to be followed always?

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