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Wanna compete to look good?

In the wake of more and more people going in for surgical corrections, face-lifts, botox injections and many other out-of-the way procedures to correct or defy their ageing looks, attain weight loss or size zero figures, I have some questions for them to answer no-one but themselves:

Many try to compete with the next generation in many ways…taking cue or drawing inspiration from juniors is in positive attitude…but is a competition to prove, is the attempt to stay looking like a teen or in 20’s necessary?

What’s really needed is to accept ourselves for who we are & let the world be…while blending with the next generation is certainly essential, re-inventing the self to the extent of not defying what is natural is also a positive move welcomed…but sometimes this gets to excess in disregard of what we really need…we defy our own needs….of the body…of the spirit…we disregard our age…our stage…discredit our experiences…so what if they have been negative!!!…these are yet lessons learnt and these are what have made us what we are today…we need to go ahead and appreciate them and give due respect that these deserve…each one’s personal experiences and needs in life are different and this is what makes each one of us unique from the other…the differences need to be honoured…the process of ageing does bring in a slow down…we need to accept & respect the deceleration… efforts to buck up and stay fit would be good but do not punish or be hard upon yourself or subject yourself to self-imposed unreasonable, mulish standards on looks for these only lead you to doom of a different kind…do not pursue gratification of the false pride or vanity…love yourself for whoever you are and whatever you are.

In this era of rat-race, there is a profound calling for self-love and self-respect…ring in those feelings of faith, gratitude to self rather than retribution of self. Every shine is bound to fade…call it natural progression or nature’s law…ACCEPT it gracefully…gratefully… and live life to keep moving on instead of constantly fighting to prove or stay in defiance of what is natural…Does not beauty lie in dignity? When will we ever realise that?

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