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…And the little demurs of life

Amidst hectic mornings, when I am as such in a rush, there are those moments of despair many a times, when the lift arrives late…and then as I head down towards the garage in the basement, a herculean effort is required to be applied to the heavy doors, to pull them out open and more often than not, I am left with no choice but to end up engaging in that combat, while already being overladen with the handbag, laptop, lunchbag and a load of professional read-up materials. Why oh why!!! I can’t but help the wonder…why does it always have to be with me this way….these little things never go in my favour…a small irritation clouds the moment that lasts only until I get into the car.

But today seemed different…as I proceed towards the lift, I can see someone already having summoned it and waiting there for it to arrive. I am gladdened inward but there’s this fleeting thought that unfailingly, refuses to escape my mind…the wrestle with the basement door is pending yet…I remind myself with a frown!!! I continue staying on my toes…only to later discover that I am now in for some further amazement, when I find out a man doing the same for me, though, in reality, he opened the door to arrive in himself and left it open for us to get out…What luck!!! I mutter to myself….The start of the day indeed seemed bright and shining…as I head off to my workplace.

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