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Women!! Have Faith, Stay Strong and Fearless

As she grew up she was conditioned (or at least attempted to be) – :

(a) To think about how the world would perceive of her, should she make certain choices for herself whether it was her sense of dressing or her ways of thinking or the way she would talk, laugh or behave..

(b) To perceive of the possible negative consequences of her career-mindedness or her fetish for a highly successful career, on her future matrimonial life.

(c) To always put her husband’s and In-law’s wishes ahead of her own, once she was married. (So why did she need a career?)

(d) To curb her intolerant attitude on all that appeared non-sense and restrain that rude, sassy behaviour even when she was being treated wrongly. “Patience” was the key word tried to be ingrained into her. Else her marriage would not work, they said.

(e) Some people in the family circle even called her names at times and wrote her off as a “most likely case of failure” when it would come to handle matrimony and relationships.

But there was this “SELF-BELIEF” that was obdurate. That kept her unbending and advancing with whatever she felt was just practical and thoroughly right. She was a person who kept up with the times. She really did not believe in all that was being taught. She was not only clear that understanding mattered in a relationship but also of the fact that ‘times change’. She decided to follow her gut instincts. Sometimes, it did confuse her but she stayed put. At times she had to use that insolent behaviour to keep things in check.

Time passed and after attaining all that she had aimed for, she met this man. She quietly heard him out as he kept saying seriously “I want a wife who is not only educated but also independent in her thinking and has perceptions different from me. The choice to have a career would be completely her own and as for me, I can trust her on whatever she would decide and whichever way she wants to do it. I do not want someone who would blindly follow me, partnering me in my errors. I want someone who is good enough to stand up to me, be intolerant where required and rise up to the occasion instead of standing by and watching the mistakes happen.” Everything looked agreeable, yet she pondered on for a while and then it flashed!!! ‘YESSS isn’t he the one? Stupid!!…If this is not understanding then what else would it be?’ Eventually the ‘I do’s’ followed. Rude, sassy behaviour or whatever she wore hardly mattered to him, for he knew she always meant well. And today they remain one of the most happily married couples.

Moral of the story: Have faith in yourself and keep marching straight.

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