Into the galaxy…until the Stars…(A blind date with the world – Entry for Indi blogger Contest)

The wide is world, extending beyond the realms of the earth, into the universe, until the galaxies, not sure how many of them they are. I wish to take a stroll at least in the one that we are a part of. Yes, that’s where I often meander regularly…in my mind…into the cosmos. Wherever they end, I do not know but the fascination is immense, for I am colossally drawn towards them. That darkness is probably menacing and ferocious but the pull of the vast expanse, ill-lit by the floating celestial bodies, somewhere faraway, is irresistible. Some time I want to traverse into that outer space (unmindful of the blackness around) and wander through those stars, for they seem heavenly.

I have always attempted to watch the planets from the earth, but I wish to go around them in real close quarters and see what they look like. Whether they resemble in their appearance to the NASA videos that I’ve seen during this lifetime? Man has already reached upto Mars but I want to attempt the untrodden. I want to pass by the gigantic Jupiter whilst paying my respects, to stand near the rings of Saturn and admire this creation of nature. I want to try and see if I can dodge in between those massive, powerful, flight of rocks and orbit around it. I wish to test if I hold any tolerance to this gassy giant and float over that intriguing hexagon to derive the overpowering thrill of hovering above it. I wish to understand its mystery, probably try and measure its size too.

I want to enjoy the azure beauty of the Planet Neptune, whilst standing beside Saturn and view Pluto like I daily see the moon. I wish to see how far of all that I’ve been reading about them is true. That giant black hole looks enthralling, inviting, ready to haul in anything that comes near. I am curious to know if it’s as deep as it appears. I know the experience would be intense and yet I would love to exult in and savour it. I wish to check the freeze whilst we are thus far away from the Sun, for while standing beside Saturn, the flaring monster would look nothing more than a mere torch light. I wish to witness the emission of the multi-coloured, sublime cosmic rays, in all their splendid glory.

Since I ramble through them regularly, it’s as if I know them all and they are my well-wishers and friends but yet, in reality, I know NOTHING about them. I hope they invite me into their world like a friend and make this journey happen. After that, I wish to come back to earth, in all my exuberance and euphoria and live to narrate those rapturous travel tales to the many future generations to come. Do you think it’s a mission impossible? Date impossible ? Well, who knows? Maybe sometime, someday, BY SOMEONE ELSE !! You never know !!! 😊😊😊

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