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Short story – A mind that is stretched by new experiences….

Apeksha had a flourishing Architectural Consultancy practice. Clients approached her with their dreams and she would spare no ability or effort in making them come true. She was implacably committed and also aware that they liked her ideas coupled with her unwavering determination to work them out.

BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN UNFULFILLED DREAMS? she often faced that nagging feeling. She had everything – multiple houses, money, car, a wonderful husband who took her out on several holiďays abroad. But yet the memories of an inadequate childhood haunted her. At a tender age, where she had been living a life of denial in many ways, she had faced several derogatory remarks from some of her snobbish cousins and peers who insensitively mocked her ways, without understanding her no-choice situation. Today, at the age of thirty she led a life of achievement and abundance, a clear outcome of sheer hard work, dedication and conduct. But her heart still carried that knot of an unfulfilled past, for whenever she looked back, she was finding it difficult to forgive their unkind behaviours. Time to address those, she determined.

She decided to design the interiors of her new house into something par excellence. Ensuring that the artifacts and furniture came from Mercato, Italy, she googled for the best toy store in town and purchased every expensive toy that had fascinated her as a child and much more. She made sure that her other exhibits were sui generis, besides an aesthetic display. A job well accomplished, she looked around only to adore the space she had so tastefully created and which looked quirky and spectacular. This looked better than the best. She planned out a house warming function and without fail, made it a point to invite all those people who had disparaged her. Everyone attended and applauded her remarkable achievements. The ones who had mocked her once were speechless today…she understood that smugly.

Each day, she would come home and saunter around for a while, before starting the household work for it satisfied her immensely. She felt happy at heart and no longer deficient. But in a couple of days she found the excitement gradually waning off and she wondered why? Then she got to deal with the elation of the arrival of a new joy. She was PREGNANT WITH TWINS but the complications were unusual. Now that a new journey was embarked upon, everything took a backseat. COMPULSORY BEDREST FOR THE REST OF THE PREGNANCY TERM!!! All that she had desired and lay around at her disposal did not matter anymore. She forgot about the pricey surroundings and as she lay resting on the Hasten Vividus mattress, she could now only think of and pray for the well-being of her little ones.

She tried to fathom as to how can things, seemingly salient for so long, become suddenly non-essential and began to realise a new thing – A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to it’s old dimensions. She had been pointlessly living as a prisoner of the past, when all she had to do was let bygones be bygones.

I will now LIVE IN THE MOMENT always, she resolved to herself.

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