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Short story – The Acceptance

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Amisha pondered over Rajat’s words ‘They are OK with it. In fact mom was suggesting that we put up curtains in the bedroom of our new home-to-be for better privacy.’ The words uttered though brief, held an air of aloof hauteur about them, she could not understand why. Instead of expressing any happiness, his tone implied that his mother had done a huge favour by consenting to their marriage. Where was that genial guy, who kept pursuing her to agree, she couldn’t help wondering. Had she not done a favour too by agreeing to marry him and do several of those adjustments, only because they liked each other? Everything held a question mark now.

Amisha and Rajat had been dating for around two years, though Rajat’s family was only recently informed. Both of them were educated, decent and did extremely well in their professions. However Amisha could always sense that there was something about Rajat that was impossible to fathom. He would most of the times, avoid discussing his thoughts with her. Besides, he would say that post marriage, she will have to live with his parents but his family being extremely conservative, might have objections in accepting a modern girl like Amisha. So it is she who will have to adjust to their outlook and expectations. He would, at the same time insist, ‘On my part, I am very clear. We should not give them any choice in our matter’. If she tried asking him more he would cut it short saying ‘They are traditional people with an old fashioned mindset. Let’s leave it at that.’ There certainly was something around his answers. Though he may not have wanted to intentionally hide, he was also not being upfront about it. And now the way he communicated his family’s consent also appeared strange. No joy…no exhilaration. Rather the bit of neglect towards her feelings was clearly discernible.

She was beginning to get a little jittery about the relationship because of the obvious trust issues, not visible earlier and his evident difficulties in connecting to her, in ways that were material. Where, on one hand he had clearly stated that she will have to live with his family, on the other, he would keep her off bounds from his people. This set her thinking. Could she live in a marriage where her husband, imprudently behaved or treated her like a stranger, at unanticipated times, since, no matter what, it could always end up making her feel like an outsider within her own home. Now that she was already into this, she definitely needed more answers, since it was a question of her happiness.

She decided to approach her dad.

‘Dad, I like Rajat. He is an ideal guy in many ways and likes me too. He has spoken to his parents and they have sort of agreed to us but they would like to meet you and mom before finalising it over.

However, I somehow feel there’s something offbeat about his people and this is making me apprehensive. I would like you and mom to meet and know them and see how it goes. If anything looks ill-disposed, I need to know at this stage, for my decision to go ahead would, to a large extent, depend upon your’s and mom’s opinion today.’

Mom and Dad couldn’t be more proud of their little girl.

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