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The Purpose (Short story)

A young mother had just lost her baby. Juvenile diabetic that she was, the infant had been still-born. This had been her only chance at motherhood since the doctors had strictly forbidden even this one. The complications of her pregnancy could eventually lead her into precarious health conditions, rendering her dysfunctional for life or maybe costing life itself.

She had always loved children. She craved for a child to adorn her arms, for there was no greater essence to life than the love of motherhood. Without this fulfillment, her existence was inadequate. Her anguish remained inconsolable, now that her major purpose in life had been viciously crushed by cruel destiny. Their marital life and home would never witness fruition and joy and she would have to forever continue holding on to this emptiness.

The husband looked lost. His love for her had stood like a towering mountain that had steered her through every storm. But alas, today it had proved helpless and his faith in himself to protect her from any eventuality, shattered. Regret and compassion spilt in the form of silent tears, as he sat outside the private ward of the hospital. He understood her pain, for he was going through much of it himself. Most of the time he grieved inward for both his loved ones i.e. the one whom he loved and was losing to grief and the other unseen one whom he had already lost.

Next day he made a decision. Recently his sister had informed him that she was taking care of their neighbour’s eight month old baby girl who had got orphaned, following a massive car accident of the family. No one had survived and the authorities had appointed his sister as a temporary guardian, till the baby would find a new home, as the child was familiar and comfortable with her. This would be her home, he decided. Stepping inside the ward, he quietly hugged his grieving wife and nodded and smiled at her, as he called up his sister, requesting her to get the adoption papers ready. Tears of hope and happiness shone through their eyes, for it’s only now did they UNDERSTAND the purpose.

2 thoughts on “The Purpose (Short story)

    1. Yes at some point one needs to think beyond the grief. And what would be the best way to heal other than moving on to care for someone of our kind ? Thank you very much for your comment and like once again 😊


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