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The Dinosaurs (Short Story)

A little girl clutched and hugged her mom tightly, hiding, not wanting to see the movie anymore. The roaring dinosaurs terrified her. ‘Mamma, will you always be there to protect me from the Dinosaurs?’, she questioned, her big round eyes clouded with fear. “Of course my darling! Always!’, assured the young woman resolutely.

A young lady, a victim of domestic violence, lay critical in the hospital, for multiple traumas and injuries. As the mother stood by her bedside, watching her daughter in untold misery, excruciating regret clenched her heart. She remembered that promise made years ago which she had failed in keeping up, for today, when these cannibals had wantonly wounded her, tearing into her every flesh, she had not been around to save her.

Wiping the tears welling up in her eyes, she stood up with an indomitable resolve and swore a revenge ‘This is not the time to be helpless, but rather high time to show they’re dead meat now’ and she proceeded to dial the most successful family lawyer in town.

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