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Bollywood movie review – ‘MOM’ (2017)

It was only now that I could garner an opportunity to watch the late Ms. Sridevi starrer ‘Mom’ and this review comes in the wake of the hard-hitting impact it had on me and maybe many others too!!!

At the outset, the movie is based on the various gang-rape events, something that is prevalent all around today. Barely any time is wasted in coming to the main plot of the story. The rape being done, it moves on to briefly depict the phyiscal and mental trauma of the victim before touching upon the failure of our justice system which too, I must say, was pretty quickly concluded. The victim and the family are left to their own devices to deal with the aftermath, whereupon, it’s the Mom who decides to take matters into her own hands.

The movie briefly touches upon women empowerment where the girl is allowed the freedom to go to a night valentine party with her class besties (but not without an instruction to return on time), besides trying to insist upon the fact that every girl should be encouraged to live (rightfully) as she wants.

The plot is refreshing in reinforcing the idea that anyone who harbours honest feelings of motherhood is a mother in a true sense and in that, a step mother need not be any different from a biological mother. A Mom is a Mom after all, who feels for her child and can go to any lengths for the child. The story takes the love of a mom to an altogether different level.

The movie is heart-touching and the role of the characters, well developed. As usual Sridevi was outstanding in her performance as an affectionate step-mother. But what was more satisfying was to watch her retaliation to the perpetrators, without letting them get off scotfree. No morals here. But rather a lesson tried to be conveyed and an idea that when justice fails through the normal route, system should support in going out of the way to deliver it.

Needless to mention that the movie does not fail to instill a fear of the realities of the outside world where not much of a control can be asserted. It makes us fear for our own children and does somewhere leave us with the feeling that ‘Better stay safe than be sorry later.’

Finally, the lines that hit home were ‘Galat hai…lekin use bhi zyada galat hai kuch nai karna. Galat aur bahot galat me se chunna ho tho aap kya chunenge?’

(A dialogue ensues where Nawazuddin Siddique – the detective, tells Mom Sridevi, as he is handing over confidential information, that he’s not sure if he’s doing the right thing by indirectly helping her in her revenge to which Sridevi replies – It is wrong. But a greater wrong would be to refrain from doing anything. If one is left with no choice to opt between a wrong and a greater wrong, what will he choose?)

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