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Insane drudgery…(Short story)

Waking up at four in the morning, Bharti would kick-start her day by making tea for everyone, followed with break-fast and lunch. She would then cook and pack the tiffin-boxes for her husband, Ashmit and her two children (Alia aged 7 and Rahul aged 10) closing with the last one for herself. Once done, she would get ready and leave home by 7.30 AM, since her workplace was far and involved roughly two hours of travel.

Her work timings were from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. A fifteen minutes of late was allowed thrice a month and hence she had to ensure that she reached well on time. Needless to mention, the pressures, once she was into the office, were an entirely different matter. In the evening she would reach home by 7.30 PM, cut the veggies and set the cooker on. While these cooked, she would look into the children’s homework and studies. Dinner finished by 9.30 PM, she would put the children to bed, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen and wind up her day.

Ashmit’s office timings were mostly uncertain in the evening because of the pressure his role carried and the parents were mostly sleep ceprived. Her attempts to find a job close to residence yielded no success in terms of pay or role satisfaction and shifting nearer to office would mean incurring a heavy cost for living in a prime area, resulting in a higher rent outgo, school fees etc., which made no sense. Dearth of reliable full time maids, besides the need to cater to their whims, made her drop the idea of hiring one. With a family of four and an everyday rise in the cost of living, staying at home was utterly indiscrete.

Each day was hard and no different. The choice to live in a nuclear family seemed a great prospect in the beginning but the amount of hardship and grind it involved, came to be realised only later. She had no choice but to accept the present and wait…wait for better days to come. After all, life had to go on.

Author`s note:

This is the average life of any woman into marriage and family…or should we call it a mid-life crisis? We know we have to adjust and this would change BUT MOST OF THE TIME WE PLUNGE INTO IT which is the mistake we end up making.

So here are a few things one can do to address this:

(1) Develop a healthy friends circle and catch up with them often. Do not allow boredom to set in.

(2) Cater to harmless fancies like going to saloon, taking a massage, getting a make-over, join a gym or yoga, join healthy social clubs and do things to feel good about yourself.

(3) Take out some me-time and relax, as often as you can.

(4) Catch up on some movies that you might have missed.

(4) Catch up on hobbies that you had always wanted to but could not manage.

(5) Plan trips or movies with family and / or friends occasionally.

(6) Create weekend moments with family through indoor activities like playing games, cards, movies, small outings etc.

In this mundane drudgery of daily life, we often forget the small things that we could do to reinvigorate ourselves. Revitalizing in whatever way we can, would do a lot of good to our mental health, stability and happiness.

Finally remember, a happy woman who manages to stay in a positive frame of mind maintains a healthy, happy family.


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