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Priceless Solitary Ice-Cream Dates (Poem)

(Below is a non-fiction, for at some period of life, I truly loved my daily Ice-cream rendezvous, on my way home, back from work. And today when I got an unforseen chance to revisit that moment it was fun. This also made me realise that as life progresses, we give up so many simple pleasures along the way and also forget about them. It certainly felt nice to catch-up)

As I came across an ice-cream stall,

wandering today in a shopping mall,

the mere sight of those delectable baskets,

and half-melted, frozen creams, like shiny velvets

baited me into an enticement,

for I was tempted to pilfer a tiny moment,

of freedom, Me-time and refreshment,

some guilt-free happiness and enjoyment.

Besotted, I fell at last!

I stole some moments from the past.

Oh! And what an ecstasy that was!

The sweet crunchy chips I bit into and chewed,

with the delightful chills invigorating my mood

the honey drizzling syrup whipping up my edgy nerves,

those frayed, tired ones, it wildly empowers,

Not one but more scoops, I go thus far,

Chocolate, strawberry, most welcome all!

I was happy I stole some moments from the past.

Oh! And certainly an ecstasy that was!

As I stood alone, licking the spoonful of sin,

the tongue rose in ebullience and a rapturous numb,

Every bit of cream that hit the mouth,

reminded me of days of carefree youth.

Those days when I was a spinster young,

ignorant of all that the future held and somewhat dumb,

when bliss and radiance ruled my heart,

till duties gradually pulled me apart.

I used to enjoy these self-treats even then,

at the end of every hard day, dating solitude and freedom.

Today I stole the same moments from my past.

And yes! I realised what a forgotten pleasure this was!

Freedom that lavishly laid at disposal once,

Now I know is so dear and exorbitant.

Solitude that once remained handy and unused,

now so vulnerable and pricey dude!!!

The baby, husband, mamma and all,

leaving behind, today I had a ball.

Today I stole some moments from the past,

Oh! And truly what an ecstasy that was!

But yes, there did occur some small feeling.

Probably, again it was like that little ball of guilt.

Determined not to be overwhelmed by that,

I thoughtfully went ahead and brought their favourite gifts,

which Iā€™d give them, the minute Iā€™d step into my home,

for their joy would limit my small remorse of relishing alone

Christmas is anyway here, let merriment prevail and bawl

Why now wait for Santa and all?

So yes, I managed to steal some moments from the past,

Oh! An undeniably unique, long-lost thrill that was!

Image courtesy: Trofos from Pexels.com

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