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Some New Year Resolutions

2018 that began with no goals, ends with none,

I thought, after all these years why not live the fun,

Of strolling the unknown path, the new year would bring

And say “Yes” to all that life has to give

For years on end, I’ve lived planning my ways

It’s time I bid goodbye to my lack of faith

To the fears and insecurities, on which I keep treading

And boldly say “Yes” to all those long given up, forgotten dreams

Like a few destinations that I’d like to visit;

Trying some new cuisines I’d love to taste;

Inventory some bold topics that I’d like to pen;

Some new language that I’d be thrilled to learn;

Some bad traits that I’d like to break;

Like people pleasing and tolerating behaviours fake;

Letting go off trepidations, unwinding everything else;

Drawing, conserving an unreserved focus only upon myself;

Abandon the gender stereotypical norms around;

Crack social hypocrisies; harness courage to tell them it’s wrong;

Cordon off toxic people, with guilt of not an ounce;

Say “Yes” to the devil-may-care attitude that I had once;

Living my days only to please myself in the bargain;

I resolve to re-learn that bit of craft all over again;

So here I’ve scrawled some new year resolutions useful;

I’ve finally said “Yes” to creating myself anew

Author’s Note:

I don’t really believe in new year resolutions because making resolutions is something ongoing to our day-to-day life.

Yet, lately, there have been thoughts working at the back of my mind. When I evaluate myself in terms of my self-strengths and positivity, as a worldly wise and experienced person today, viz-a-viz the person I was as a young inexperienced girl, I discern that, with little to no experience of the world, it was more easy to be uncomplicated, fearless, confident, adventurous and zesty.

Experience and maturity make us thoughtful and calm but also reticent. We learn to constrain ourselves and come a long way afar, from the courageous individuals we originally were. Somewhere, in the process of constant adjustments to progression, we tend to leave the real “me” behind. That’s when I knew, I needed to uncoil, if I have to find my way back.

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