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Little Scars (Poem )

I have some little scars that I want to heal,
How miserable at times, they make me feel,
Memories that swiftly embark on a guilt-trip
For everytime I remember them, they make me flip,
From the current good times, back to those days
Why things of the past had to be that way?
Why couldn’t I perceive then, it was all wrong?
The complications avoidably, made my path long,
I could’ve given it up, had I known before,
But forbearance to triumph, is what outshone
The dark hours did give me some lessons to live,
But for them, I wouldn’t have been this wise in the world
Nevertheless, finally I was happy I arrived,
I worked hard, won and eventually thrived
But people remember my journey more than my success
And this is what sometimes makes me regret

Author’s Note:

“Little Scars” is a poetry based on real experiences, of people with indefatigable spirits, who attain success after going through a multitude of failures and trials.

Often, they’d have gone through wrong experiences in life before reaching the desired situation. Probably they might have been victims of patriarchy or misogy around, where they’d have failed to assert themselves and prove their point at the right moment or they’d have got misled by trusting the wrong people. They’d have ended up giving in to the unideal and by changing paths, would’ve faced failures, only to realise later and battle it out to emerge successful.

After everything, at a time when they are enjoying the fruits of our labour, staying in a positive frame of mind and trying to move on from the memories of all that they’ve gone through, it’s the splatter baskets around them who wouldn’t allow them to forget it. These snobs wouldn’t desist from being a constant reminder of the past failures, thus trying to lower their self-worth.

Is there any merit in paying attention to such opinions?

Image Credit:unsplash-logoLachlan Dempsey

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