Little Scars (Poem )

I have some little scars that I want to heal,
How miserable at times, they make me feel,
Memories that swiftly embark on a guilt-trip
For everytime I remember them, they make me flip,
From the current good times, back to those days
Why things of the past had to be that way?
Why couldn’t I perceive then, it was all wrong?
The complications avoidably, made my path long,
I could’ve given it up, had I known before,
But forbearance to triumph, is what outshone
The dark hours did give me some lessons to live,
But for them, I wouldn’t have been this wise in the world
Nevertheless, finally I was happy I arrived,
I worked hard, won and eventually thrived
But people remember my journey more than my success
And this is what sometimes makes me regret

(“Little Scars” is a fictional poetry based on life experiences of people)

Image Credit:unsplash-logoLachlan Dempsey

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