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The Mentoring (Poem)

Once I erred in my Math homework,

My teacher tweaked my ears hard,

Little did he know, how sad I’d been,

With none to help, for the mess I was

Dad stayed busy, earning bread for us,

Mom travelled away, to spiral her career

Would anyone spare a small thought?

For this lost little boy, I would wonder

My teacher was a strict, old guy,

He haunted every student in the class,

Fear was a must, to get things done,

“It’s all for your good”, he would thunder

One day, he caught me crying alone,

Astounded I was, to see him near me, standing,

He made me sit, patted my back,

And gently told me, he knew everything

With a servant, not a soul to care,

How do my days pass? No one to share,

My feelings, emotions whom to bare?

Each day sunk me, made me wear

I stay confused, with none to guide,

No parents around, to confide,

Why do I feel so unlike my peers.. lonely and powerless?

Most of the times, invisible and useless

Life was so..so…so unfair

I broke down in my teacher’s arms, in despair

He hugged me tight and wiped my tears,

Said, “Son, now this, you got to hear,

Life has different ways for all,

A glass can be viewed as half-void or half-full

Loneliness is a curse, makes one empty inside

But converse is the bliss of solitude

Breathe it in, you’ll cherish benediction

Simply, it’s all about perception,

A life and a sea of opportunities, lay before you,

Forget what you don’t have, look at all that you can do

From herein now, you will nurture a dream:

You’ll learn to lean upon yourself,

Take your trains unescorted, solus

Enjoy the ride, go to places you’ve never been,

Embrace the fulfilment, you’ve never seen,

Stroll amidst the beautiful nature,

Sleep out alone under the stars,

Meet new people, make new friends,

Read every story you come across

Travel off to far-away lands,

Have no fear, keep faith that you’ll always be back

Cherish every moment, alone with yourself,

You own a priceless heaven, unlike the less privileged,

Your mind has all the strength it needs,

Peep into the right corners, amidst the vortex, to seek,

For solitude confers one with such power,

This wealth of solitude is for you to treasure

As I stood hearing my teacher’s words agape,

Such pearls of wisdom did me naught, but amaze,

From there, I went on to soar up high,

For, in my teacher, I had found a friend in disguise.

Author’s Note: This could be the story of any child whose parents have no time. A Child may go through various emotional phases of fear, confusion, attention-seeking behaviours etc. Many times, they come back from school dejected, either because a teacher has scolded them or some friend has treated them improperly or something has not worked out as per their wishes. Your listening ears, your hug, your shoulder to cry and a favourite meal treat for a surprise, would work wonders in getting them bounce back.

Until the age of 7, children are like wet clay and would seek your guidance to model themselves. They come to us with lots and lots of questions, in a bid to understand their social environment and ways to deal with it. It’s very essential to pay due attention and sort them out right away, for the seeds planted at this age would go a long way in well-defining their confidence and individuality.

Are you sure, you’re there for your child, in those terms? If not, does he / she have somebody to fall back on? Kindly do make sure .

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

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