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The Worst Shock (#100wordStoryChallenge – Image based Fiction)

The clock ticked away. Silence ruled, until shattered by the shrill ring of the telephone.
Who’s it, at this unearthly hour?
“Dad’s no more” came a half-smothered sob.
She stood there unmoved, shell-shocked for long moments.
How’s it possible? His reports had been normal. They had just met last week, over their regular lunch date.
Memories from eternity flashed…of him dropping her to school, playing, motivating her dreams, lauding achievements, approving boyfriend, cradling her first-born. She had been his world.
Tension mounted. She convulsed into heart-wrenching cries.
“Wake up, sleepyhead”, came hubby’s loud voice, “Dad’s here for the lunch date”.


Image credit: Kat Jayne from Pexels

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