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Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

Sometimes I feel like taking on the world by storm,

Dart ahead, achieve my dreams, shine, tearing all the norms

Imagine myself alone, rip every boundary, without an ounce of care,

Sans dubiety, keep going places, for that’s how my career should fare,

Sometimes I wish life just went by, with not any bother around,

To enjoy the exquisite siestas all I could, as the little girl, I did

Wake up to the pleasure of luxury, mom and dad conferred,

And stomp, as if, under my feet is where lay the entire world

I wish there was an another sphere, where I could sometimes drift away,

To escape, whenever need be, from the pressures life displayed,

Where I could use my freedom ,  pride and live my head held high

And own liberty to set rules, do everything that delights

A precious lot on my wish list, I want to make them come true

The time’s ticking, but all this, my child, is only, until I look at you

For if I go away so, wouldn’t I leave my breath behind?

And would that allow me to exist with, any peace of mind?

For ever since I set my eyes upon you, greater no world remained

Every road leads to you alone, your being is so sacred,

A small, innocent face that’s so attached and looks up this much to mom,

I can never see…never see you in despair…never on my account

Not that I’ve given up anything or it’s like a sacrifice,

Mamma’s got the sense to know, this is not for any long time,

A little bigger, as you get, I’ll begin to chase my dreams,

With you by my side, I’ll fly feeling confident and fulfilled

————    Now that my greatest dream’s achieved.


Photo by Simon Robben from Pexels


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