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The Inevitable

Life commences among strange people, so what if they are your own family, kith and kin?

Then relations ignite feelings of love, affection, sense of belonging and togetherness in our hearts. We grow up soaking in these emotions.

And when the same people depart from our lives, an irreplaceable void remains, causing pain, making release difficult.

In time, the pain subsides but the dear ones continue living in our core, in the form of memories, resurfacing in dreams.

We often miss them, keep staring into empty spaces remembering them, wishing they never went. So sorry they had to go but.

Oh! The same thing happened today…πŸ˜”

Couldn’t you’ve been around some more?…Really miss you very much big daddy.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

(Dedicated to my dear maternal uncle, whom we lost today. Heartfelt affection and prayers for his onward journey. May his soul rest in peace)

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