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Karma Laughs – Part 1

Father and son were at it again. Disagreements, loud altercations and cold wars over the same issue. Day by day, Raghav was getting more and more frustrated at Nitish’s incomprehension.

“Why can’t I pursue a career of my choice Pappa? If my friends’ fathers can support them, why can’t you?”, argued a 16-year-old Nitish in a high-pitch tone, with Raghav.

“Look at yourself. What’s the guarantee that you’ll become a cricketer?” Raghav screamed his lungs out . “Besides, one must also look into their pockets before dreaming big. Remember, you have two marriageable sisters, your mother is sick and I have responsibilities to fulfil, rather than burning money on your frivolous aspirations.”

An unhappy Nitish nodded his head, strongly dissenting. “Career is something life-long, Pappa. As a parent, how much do you care about my needs? You’re willing to do everything for everyone, but have you ever felt any responsibility towards me? Am I ever included in your plans Pappa?”, hollering these words, Nitish, angrily picked up the glass and throwing it to the ground, stomped out of the house, while Raghav who was looking on, instantly froze.

A scene from another era had replicated itself, just now, verbatim with the dialogues, but today he squarely stood at the spot, where he had once seemingly pushed his father.

Years ago, he had gone against his father and married his college friend, Sheela, now his wife, after getting engaged to Aradhana, a match arranged by his family. Few days after the engagement, he had realised that it was not Aradhana but Sheela, whom he wanted to spend his life with. He barely knew Aradhana. He had approached his father to cancel the engagement who vehemently opposed the proposition, even threatening to disconnect ties with Raghav, since, breaking off the engagement meant dishonour to their family. It would also put Aradhana’s life and reputation at stake. Besides, betrothal was a promise never meant to be broken.

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment.” Raghav had screamed. “You might wish for anything, but it’s me who’ll remain affected. What’s your relation with Aradhana or her family?…None!!!…but I am your son. How much do you care about my feelings Pappa?” Raghav had questioned.

“You will know when your son does that to you”, his father had thundered, angrily picking up the glass kept in the corner and throwing it to the ground, instantly breaking it.

Two worlds had collided. But Raghav had remained extremely firm. With his family showing no signs of budging in favour of his wishes, he took a decision. He eloped with Sheela. He never looked back. But destiny had forced him to face it now.

Life is so strange. Karma, they say, laughs loud and his own had clearly backfired. “So, what…what if Nitish does the same?” He couldn’t help the thought. He shuddered, urgently realising that he had to do anything but prevent it.


Link to Part 2

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