Rain Rain – Welcome Again

Drizzles and light showers in Dubai since the last couple of days.

The umbrella came out of the closet after a very long time.

Yesterday, as I walked out on the wet roads, carrying the but familiar load, some long-lost memories got me wistfully nostalgic.

With the winds threatening to blow away my umbrella, I once again found myself succumbing to the challenge of balancing to hold everything, securely in place.

I decidedly cut short my agenda, after I felt the water droplets on my specs, yet loving every moment of the trudge.


(P.S. I have re-started walking, especially on errands to nearby places.

Why give up healthy practices for luxury?

Trying to re-live those good old, student days, when I was happy, surviving on pocket money as well 😜 )

#MakeLifeSimple #StayModest

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