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A Rendezvous

I rush for my daily night walk,

however late might it be,

with no fear of unknown,

realms those exist beyond me

With a lovely, young companion,

sharing my love for the stars

I pick her up outside her home,

fearless, we both jog across

Fearful stories of monsters,

she’d narrate to my lackadaisical laugh,

under silken spell of the moonlight,

we’d savour golden moments of our lope

“Are you not afraid of the dark,

of undefined beings in prowl,

of nameless creatures stravaiging?”

smiling, she’d question once in a while

Nescient to its meaning,

as I’d look at it, inane,

smile back at her with a “No”,

and continue running again

Then one day we venture into a route,

never tried out before,

obscure I acquiesce to her adjure,

dazed in a world of sorts,

Until I turn around to find,

a shadow walking beside me,

muttering things in the darkness,

a demonic form, was in she

A cold chill grips, an elemental fear afflicts

sending shudders down my spine

For now, I’ve discovered the unsuspecting

horrors beyond the edge of life

Vaguely, I remember that clasp,

of an icy hand breaking my neck apart,

and a glimpse of her evil head,

rotating squarely towards her back

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