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With god’s grace, some of us in the world, were blessed at having a safe,  stable and plain sailing 2020.

The year gone by, taught the world many things like:

  1. Holding caution at supreme attention because corona is no walk in the park.
  2. Health care workers are equivalent to gods
  3. That we are still capable of leading an uncomplicated lifestyle, capped with the seal of minimalism, sans our holidays, dine-outs and world tours.
  4. That we are further capable of tolerance, compassion, kindness, resilience and care for others.
  5. That employees can be home based and yet deliver the needful.
  6. That there is no better teacher for a child than its own parent.
  7. That it is possible to run the commerce and economy from home, by employment of technology to its fullest use and in good faith.
  8. That we can flex ourselves to the demands of situation while realising that anything is possible.
  9. That our true blessings lay in small things like being together even if we had to remain jammed into our shelters, in a bid to be unharmed from the ongoing dread and yet stay connected with the outside world to ensure that everyone is safe in their zones as well.
  10. That we do heartily reach out to others, be it our own household helps, society personnel or strangers in need.

In some ways, it felt as if we were living a life of several decades before, but with the benefits of technology, commerce and home-deliveries. The pressure to trust technology and the need for medical help came down upon the world with immense gravity and practically with a zero option and here’s where each one of us would have discerned how indispensable applied or therapeutic science is, while realising the need for further advancement of existing means and methods.

2020 was a lesson excursion in many ways, the main one being ‘MAN IS AN INCONSEQUENTIAL BEING in his sphere of universe’. When nature decides to unleash its fury, it can render any medical advancement powerless and no matter how much ever we know, there is always an element of unknown which remains to be conquered. Despite the wipe out of mankind across the world in deluge, we still have one thing to thank the year for : WE SURVIVED. The year, in its own course helped many of us, to glide and stay afloat. I look forward to 2021 to giving mankind a better vibe while approaching the new year with zero expectations.  

Hope we receive the boon of stronger vaccines, emerging at a faster pace, with world over reach.

For a while, I hope we are able to sustain the ongoing, while only getting better at it.

I doubt if we could go back to our pre-COVID-19 lifestyle, at least for a fair amount of time to come. But I hope we do carry on the lessons that 2020 has taught us, into many future generations by striving to create a new order of life where flexibility at work, humanity and responsibility towards nature and mankind rides paramount.

Goodbye 2020 and thank you for stopping by to teach us. You will always be remembered with a ‘distinction of notoriety’ in the history of mankind. Along with this, many bows to the medical fraternity across the world, especially the frontline, for their persistent efforts in saving mankind.

Welcome 2021 and while my apprehensions are yet to fade, wishing each one of you out there, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, while beseeching a beautiful time full of new blessings for one and all.

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