About Myself

Hello and welcome to my website 🙂

You are just looking up another person on planet earth, who has courted a forever kind of love with writing as many others, besides enjoying reading of well-written, well-expressed articles, but I am someone who is catching up with this passion, aeon years later, after proving my mettle into my mainstream profession as a Chartered Accountant and a Financial person.

Writing, for me today, is unleashing and releasing the pent-up, since expressing myself frees me from an internal bondage. Moreover, it’s the fulfillment of an itch to an enjoyable and satisfying end, gaining a sense of worthiness to my existence. And last but not the least, I do sincerely believe that writing is also guiding…since whenever I sit to pen down, it is not without the hope that it does move many a soul out there to positively aid in resurrection of their goal paths.

I try to dabble on all those issues that are close to my heart and these could encompass Parenting, Home / Family, Life goals, Independence, Women issues, Behaviours, Technical revolutions and life-style changes around, coupled with some maiden attempts at Micro fictions.

I have a wonderful family which is a pillar of support and integral to me every step of the way and that, I guess, is an inspiration enough to pursue what one likes with the fullest conviction.

Thanks for looking me up and trying to connect 🙂