Affinity And Moods – Top Blogger on Momspresso

Glad to mention that Affinity And Moods has been featured among the 1st set of Top Bloggers of the year 2019 on MOMSPRESSO. The winning post here is Priceless Solitary Ice-cream Dates It's certainly been a great start. Many more to come. - Hopes and Prayers  Below is the link to the post.

To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

Her luggage was ready. Initially sceptical and reluctant, her parents had ultimately conferred their blessings. Fed up, she had broken up with her boyfriend who fiercely disagreed with her aspirations. She had anyway sensed compatibility issues. In a few hours, she’d be on board, flying to Canada to pursue MS, her dream ticket finally realized. … Continue reading To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

Guilt or Art? (#100WordsStoryChallenge; #ImagebasedFlashFiction)

Art is an antidote to despair. The mercurial urge struck. Creativity doodles rising, he grabbed his paraphernalia. Expert, unmindful, fingers once again, found their masterstrokes. Beneath the star-studded sky, in the mountain foothills, a lone cottage stood. A couple lovingly watched their child playing gleefully, in the garden. Satisfied he drew back. But oh! The … Continue reading Guilt or Art? (#100WordsStoryChallenge; #ImagebasedFlashFiction)

The Worst Shock (#100wordStoryChallenge – Image based Fiction)

The clock ticked away. Silence ruled, until shattered by the shrill ring of the telephone. Who’s it, at this unearthly hour? “Dad’s no more” came a half-smothered sob. She stood there unmoved, shell-shocked for long moments. How’s it possible? His reports had been normal. They had just met last week, over their regular lunch date. … Continue reading The Worst Shock (#100wordStoryChallenge – Image based Fiction)