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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

(This is a work of pure fiction and meant as a light read without intending to cause any offence to anyone in particular) Me: “Maaaa, I’ve got the job I interviewed for in the MNC, last week. I'll be joining as an Assistant Project Manager.” (I squeal excitedly.) Ma: It is a wonderful news child.… Continue reading Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

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My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

Twinkle Khanna, widely known for her blunt, satirical articulation and sassy punchlines, often never desists from calling a spade a spade. This article is with reference to a recent video posted out by her on Mother’s Day where she captioned the video as: “What mother’s really want for Mother’s Day but can’t tell their kids.… Continue reading My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

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Two Rivers…

River 1: I hope we meet someday…somewhere…but god knows when and where!!! River 2: Yes… united we started, grew together and darted out of the valleys and hillocks, seeking open seas but what’s this separation in between? Unfathomable! River 1: It was done for the benefit of the people, provide drinking water for the masses,… Continue reading Two Rivers…