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A Promise Of Faith

(Forceful religious conversions, making a spouse give up their personal faith in inter-religious marriages, is one of the very poignant issues, prevalent across our society since ages, which is what inspired me to come up with this fiction.) It was 5 pm. As the rickshaw took through the traffic jammed roads and briefly halted by… Continue reading A Promise Of Faith

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Gender Bias In Family Roles & Unhealthy Parenting

The traditional bifurcation of roles went by gender that pigeon-holed the job of a mother to pre-dominantly be a home-maker while the fathers went out to fend for their families. While we know that today, most mothers are equal or greater financial partners, this post quarries those quarters of the society, where the old-traditional thinking… Continue reading Gender Bias In Family Roles & Unhealthy Parenting

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Little memories…huge bliss

Post hectic work schedules and non-stop meetings, as I sit back in my cubicle, badly in need of a breather, my hands absent mindedly click away on the laptop, going about the familiar work flows, under the instructions of my brain. But hey!!! Where's the mind? Well, It's kind of lost at the moment, pre-occupied… Continue reading Little memories…huge bliss