When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Akshita went to the shopping mall, taking along her son, Armaan, since there was none whom she could leave him with. Six-year-old Armaan loved to accompany his mother wherever she went and would often tag along. Being an only child, he was pampered by his parents. But of late, he was finding them getting stricter, … Continue reading When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Genetically yours…Storyteller (Super short story)

Toddler sits near Mamma and tells her in an important tone "Mamma I want to say something" ‘She’s picking up communication and manners from us really well’, mom can't help noticing. Setting the iPad aside, the curious Mom now turns around to pay full attention, "Yes Darling! Tell me what do you want to say?' … Continue reading Genetically yours…Storyteller (Super short story)