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When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Akshita went to the shopping mall, taking along her son, Armaan, since there was none whom she could leave him with. Six-year-old Armaan loved to accompany his mother wherever she went and would often tag along. Being an only child, he was pampered by his parents. But of late, he was finding them getting stricter,… Continue reading When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

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Bollywood movie review – ‘MOM’ (2017)

It was only now that I could garner an opportunity to watch the late Ms. Sridevi starrer 'Mom' and this review comes in the wake of the hard-hitting impact it had on me and maybe many others too!!! At the outset, the movie is based on the various gang-rape events, something that is prevalent all… Continue reading Bollywood movie review – ‘MOM’ (2017)

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R.I.P.  Mr. Shashi Kapoor…

Writing on films or film personalities is something not commonplace with me... though I do like watching Bollywood movies sometimes but more than that I like to follow some personalities on the internet occasionally...should I say because these are people whom I have admired as I grew up watching their films but clueless about their… Continue reading R.I.P.  Mr. Shashi Kapoor…