The Home Coming…(a fiction)

The flight was about to land and she found her mind embroiled in a volley of emotions, not one in particular that could be discerned...regrets for all the choices of the past mainly involving moving away from the homeland...elation of being able to touch base again...anticipations of meeting all the loved ones she had once … Continue reading The Home Coming…(a fiction)

Glimpses from the life of “Aabad” (Inspirational)

He has been their domestic cleaner, for the last several years ever since they relocated to this foreign country - a cleaner for several of the apartments in the building in fact, where he was deployed amidst a team of workers. The team worked for the real estate division of the company which owned the … Continue reading Glimpses from the life of “Aabad” (Inspirational)

Little memories…huge bliss

Post hectic work schedules and non-stop meetings, as I sit back in my cubicle, badly in need of a breather, my hands absent mindedly click away on the laptop, going about the familiar work flows, under the instructions of my brain. But hey!!! Where's the mind? Well, It's kind of lost at the moment, pre-occupied … Continue reading Little memories…huge bliss

The Pyramid Scare….

They went to explore the Egyptian pyramids and only once they stood before it, did they truly realise what 'Magnificience' was...dumbstruck by the overwhelming presence, they wondered how were they ever going to seemed too huge to even decide the starting point of their work. But it was only 3 pm and there was … Continue reading The Pyramid Scare….