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When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Akshita went to the shopping mall, taking along her son, Armaan, since there was none whom she could leave him with. Six-year-old Armaan loved to accompany his mother wherever she went and would often tag along. Being an only child, he was pampered by his parents. But of late, he was finding them getting stricter,… Continue reading When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

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Missing (#100WordStory)

The whole family, excitedly busy in setting up the new home theatre, doesn't realise that little Arian isn't anywhere around. Panic strikes when they notice the door ajar and the neighbour announces that he was seen outside ten minutes ago, plucking flowers. Everyone begins running helter-skelter looking for him. Dad and grandpa go as far… Continue reading Missing (#100WordStory)

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The Dinosaurs (Short Story)

A little girl clutched and hugged her mom tightly, hiding, not wanting to see the movie anymore. The roaring dinosaurs terrified her. 'Mamma, will you always be there to protect me from the Dinosaurs?', she questioned, her big round eyes clouded with fear. "Of course my darling! Always!', assured the young woman resolutely. A young… Continue reading The Dinosaurs (Short Story)

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Modern Day Confusions – Love vs Arranged (marriage)

After a string of failed affairs, Alia had begun to wonder if she should look at the option of going in for an arranged marriage. Until now, where she had strongly believed in self-selection, besides the credence that attraction and romance are extremely important factors without which a marriage would not subsist, the results being… Continue reading Modern Day Confusions – Love vs Arranged (marriage)

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Women!! Have Faith, Stay Strong and Fearless

As she grew up she was conditioned (or at least attempted to be) - : (a) To think about how the world would perceive of her, should she make certain choices for herself whether it was her sense of dressing or her ways of thinking or the way she would talk, laugh or behave.. (b)… Continue reading Women!! Have Faith, Stay Strong and Fearless

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The Pyramid Scare….

They went to explore the Egyptian pyramids and only once they stood before it, did they truly realise what 'Magnificience' was...dumbstruck by the overwhelming presence, they wondered how were they ever going to begin...it seemed too huge to even decide the starting point of their work. But it was only 3 pm and there was… Continue reading The Pyramid Scare….