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The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

She went about her regular chores with unusual quietness. It was her birthday but the day held nothing special. Who would bother about birthdays of an insignificant person as she?   “Come back. We’ve some guests in the evening. I need your help.”, Memsahib addressed. She nodded sombrely. Memsahib usually paid for these extra works,… Continue reading The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

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The Power Within Oneself (#100WordStory)

Emotional abuse had battered her spirits. Ages passed away in pain, seeking light, with no hope of restoration ever. “Train your mind to see the good in everything”, some advised. Clearly, that’d be a mistake, since then you’d leave the door open and tip the evil to rise. “Train yourself to see not the good… Continue reading The Power Within Oneself (#100WordStory)

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An Adventure Called Life (#100WordStory)

“Underestimate me at your own risk, it’ll be fun; The game’s always on…”, would invariably, be her silent scream. They called her disabled, repulsive, dependent and just how wrong they could be. Severe congenital limb deformities and speech apraxia made her obnoxious. Mother, ashamed of her existence, broke away, abandoning her and dad. Dad couldn’t… Continue reading An Adventure Called Life (#100WordStory)

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Everything Is Connected (100 Word Story #Mom)

She knew her mom inside out, of what she’d approve and all that she’d not. Extraordinarily strict but straightforward, after all, she toiled for the family. A loyal daughter, she would always act as her mother would deem appropriate, ever careful never to hurt her, even at the cost of her wishes. Years later, a… Continue reading Everything Is Connected (100 Word Story #Mom)

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Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

It was six in the morning. The cook had already left, finishing his daily routine of preparing breakfast and lunch. Adarsh got up and silently tiptoed into the kitchen, so as not to disturb Vartika. He switched on the coffee kettle, packed his own and their five-year-old daughter, Raavi’s lunch box. He then woke up… Continue reading Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

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To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

Her luggage was ready. Initially sceptical and reluctant, her parents had ultimately conferred their blessings. Fed up, she had broken up with her boyfriend who fiercely disagreed with her aspirations. She had anyway sensed compatibility issues. In a few hours, she’d be on board, flying to Canada to pursue MS, her dream ticket finally realized.… Continue reading To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

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The Beginning…(#100WordStory)

Daughter of superstar parents, her films were a spectacular flop. Her acting career failing miserably, she was often mocked for her poor acting skills. Nevertheless, accepting that she was not cut out for it, she moved on to marry a most popular co-star, today one of the richest men in the industry. But did failures… Continue reading The Beginning…(#100WordStory)