Good Morning Dubai

  A typical early morning december in Dubai... the streets filled with dense fog...nothing visible beyond a kilometer or maximum two...the city finds itself waking up to the chill and yet remains active...draped in an overcoat, as I walk on the foothpath, across the various signals while heading towards the metro near my house, I look … Continue reading Good Morning Dubai

This winter afternoon…

A dullest, cold afternoon it is today...the sky sunless and overcast...the austere chill indubitably registering the onset of a stony winter into the sunny desert, this time around...the torpid weather has already sleep-induced the city into a sopoforic mode....dopey and tired without any reason and already two hours into slumber, I don't feel like giving … Continue reading This winter afternoon…

Story of a matrimonial meet up….

'You feel their behaviour was acceptable?' Sarika questioned her mom indignantly, explicitly disagreeing. The incident was not one that could be brushed off as trivial. 'We cannot judge them based on a small incident...could be an internal matter too' - her mother tried to slight it. 'Being the boy's parents does not confer them with … Continue reading Story of a matrimonial meet up….

A Tale of Transformation…(Published on October 24, 2017 on

Having listened to a lot of stories on karma and having been raised by parents who had an extremely philosophical bent of mind, she could never ever escape the influence of their thought process. Good karma, bad karma, duty, sincerity, honesty — are some of the words over which life for her had fully revolved … Continue reading A Tale of Transformation…(Published on October 24, 2017 on