When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Akshita went to the shopping mall, taking along her son, Armaan, since there was none whom she could leave him with. Six-year-old Armaan loved to accompany his mother wherever she went and would often tag along. Being an only child, he was pampered by his parents. But of late, he was finding them getting stricter, … Continue reading When You Discover Your Child Is Shoplifting

Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

It was six in the morning. The cook had already left, finishing his daily routine of preparing breakfast and lunch. Adarsh got up and silently tiptoed into the kitchen, so as not to disturb Vartika. He switched on the coffee kettle, packed his own and their five-year-old daughter, Raavi’s lunch box. He then woke up … Continue reading Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

The Mentoring (Poem)

Once I erred in my Math homework, My teacher tweaked my ears hard, Little did he know, how sad I’d been, With none to help, for the mess I was Dad stayed busy, earning bread for us, Mom travelled away, to spiral her career Would anyone spare a small thought? For this lost little boy, … Continue reading The Mentoring (Poem)

The Termination (Short Story)

Aarti and Rohit were lovers since college. It was a spark of smile at first sight which eventually blossomed into friendship and liking, after which came in love. Aarti was confident about her open minded family though Rohit had apprehensions in disclosing his relationship to anyone around until the right moment arrived. Several years passed … Continue reading The Termination (Short Story)