Guilt or Art? (#100WordsStoryChallenge; #ImagebasedFlashFiction)

Art is an antidote to despair. The mercurial urge struck. Creativity doodles rising, he grabbed his paraphernalia. Expert, unmindful, fingers once again, found their masterstrokes. Beneath the star-studded sky, in the mountain foothills, a lone cottage stood. A couple lovingly watched their child playing gleefully, in the garden. Satisfied he drew back. But oh! The … Continue reading Guilt or Art? (#100WordsStoryChallenge; #ImagebasedFlashFiction)

Short story – An Aquarium Mesh

Everytime as Misha stepped into the office corridor, she could not help but glance in the direction of the aquarium that flashed an array of orange gold-fishes and black mollies, swimming to and fro. With its colourful, eye-catching incumbents and exotic aqua scape, the aquarium exhibited life and liveliness inside that dull working environment. Her … Continue reading Short story – An Aquarium Mesh