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The Power Within Oneself (#100WordStory)

Emotional abuse had battered her spirits. Ages passed away in pain, seeking light, with no hope of restoration ever. “Train your mind to see the good in everything”, some advised. Clearly, that’d be a mistake, since then you’d leave the door open and tip the evil to rise. “Train yourself to see not the good… Continue reading The Power Within Oneself (#100WordStory)

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An Adventure Called Life (#100WordStory)

“Underestimate me at your own risk, it’ll be fun; The game’s always on…”, would invariably, be her silent scream. They called her disabled, repulsive, dependent and just how wrong they could be. Severe congenital limb deformities and speech apraxia made her obnoxious. Mother, ashamed of her existence, broke away, abandoning her and dad. Dad couldn’t… Continue reading An Adventure Called Life (#100WordStory)

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Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

Youth, is that phase of life, where everyone brims with energy. When vitality is often at it's peak, given the buoyancy and stamina of that age, we often end up doing things that we cannot even imagine attempting during the later stages of our lives. After the 40s, as the waning phase sets in, one… Continue reading Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

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Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

Sometimes I feel like taking on the world by storm, Dart ahead, achieve my dreams, shine, tearing all the norms Imagine myself alone, rip every boundary, without an ounce of care, Sans dubiety, keep going places, for that's how my career should fare, Sometimes I wish life just went by, with not any bother around,… Continue reading Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

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The Termination (Short Story)

Aarti and Rohit were lovers since college. It was a spark of smile at first sight which eventually blossomed into friendship and liking, after which came in love. Aarti was confident about her open minded family though Rohit had apprehensions in disclosing his relationship to anyone around until the right moment arrived. Several years passed… Continue reading The Termination (Short Story)

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Short story – The Acceptance

Amisha pondered over Rajat's words 'They are OK with it. In fact mom was suggesting that we put up curtains in the bedroom of our new home-to-be for better privacy.' The words uttered though brief, held an air of aloof hauteur about them, she could not understand why. Instead of expressing any happiness, his tone… Continue reading Short story – The Acceptance

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Short Story – ‘Tu meri beti nahi beta hai (you are not my daughter, but a son’)….

  'Tu meri beti nahi beta hai' (You are not my daughter, rather you are my son), her father's words resounded in Uttara's ears. Living in a patriarchal society, Uttara had felt proud whenever Kishan and Radha used to say this to her, as if she had won a Nobel prize. Contrary to that, she… Continue reading Short Story – ‘Tu meri beti nahi beta hai (you are not my daughter, but a son’)….

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When people intimidate your goals & happiness…

At times difficult situations crop-up in life where you are surrounded by people who could inevitably disorient you from the goal-path on which you had originally set out…especially certain personalities who tend to be stronger, influential and overbearing, never giving up an opportunity to sway their 'authority' or cease trying to influence your ways to… Continue reading When people intimidate your goals & happiness…

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Independence to loneliness…a chakra but is this detour necessary?

Since childhood, she was constantly pressurised to carry out things, the way her family wanted...it affected, hurt and aggrieved her mind...hardly any instances where anyone would be willing to consider that she had a 'wish' too...this will have to change, she decided...it cannot go on like this forever...as for now it's the birth family and… Continue reading Independence to loneliness…a chakra but is this detour necessary?