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The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

She went about her regular chores with unusual quietness. It was her birthday but the day held nothing special. Who would bother about birthdays of an insignificant person as she?   “Come back. We’ve some guests in the evening. I need your help.”, Memsahib addressed. She nodded sombrely. Memsahib usually paid for these extra works,… Continue reading The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

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One small step…(Short story)

The little boy sat cowering on his bench, attempting to hide his face into his book. 'Deepak', he heard Mishraji, his class teacher, calling out his name. He stood up, still looking downwards and dispirited. 'Whats the matter?', queried Mr. Mishra approaching his bench. Nine year old Deepak nodded his head, implying nothing, head still… Continue reading One small step…(Short story)

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Short story – An Aquarium Mesh

Everytime as Misha stepped into the office corridor, she could not help but glance in the direction of the aquarium that flashed an array of orange gold-fishes and black mollies, swimming to and fro. With its colourful, eye-catching incumbents and exotic aqua scape, the aquarium exhibited life and liveliness inside that dull working environment. Her… Continue reading Short story – An Aquarium Mesh