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Karma Laughs – Part 1

Father and son were at it again. Disagreements, loud altercations and cold wars over the same issue. Day by day, Raghav was getting more and more frustrated at Nitish’s incomprehension. “Why can’t I pursue a career of my choice Pappa? If my friends’ fathers can support them, why can’t you?”, argued a 16-year-old Nitish in… Continue reading Karma Laughs – Part 1

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The Inevitable

Life commences among strange people, so what if they are your own family, kith and kin? Then relations ignite feelings of love, affection, sense of belonging and togetherness in our hearts. We grow up soaking in these emotions. And when the same people depart from our lives, an irreplaceable void remains, causing pain, making release… Continue reading The Inevitable

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Partnerships and Celebrations…

Just recently, someone close visiting us, casually happened to ask, if we had any plans to celebrate my hubby's upcoming birthday, to which hubby was quick to respond that it'd just be like any normal day. We all seemed to unanimously agree. But on an afterthought, I found myself slightly disagreeing over a question, that… Continue reading Partnerships and Celebrations…

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The Innocent (#100WordStory – Image based FlashFiction)

Trekking up the mountain realms,                                         Were those evil hands, again in her dream, Profound, dark shadows etched on her mind, Unforgettable, beckoning her every time, Reminders of a gruesome past, Wanton grope and inappropriate acts,… Continue reading The Innocent (#100WordStory – Image based FlashFiction)

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Precious Nothings

As my slumberous eyes open to the bright yellow rays of the desert sun permeating into the room, glazing through the tall, sun-kissed windows, I stretch leisurely and smile. No chirping of birds here, unlike India and yet an encompassing quietness, lending a unique serenity to the surroundings, indeed makes it a divine morning. Yawning… Continue reading Precious Nothings

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Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

Four-year-old Vihaan woke up in the morning and chirped, "Good Morning Mamma". "Good Morning Darling. How are you feeling today? Are you Ok?" asked Smriti stretching on the bed, before moving on to affectionately hug him and pull him into her arms, under the blanket. Her husband Aditya had already left for the day. He… Continue reading Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

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The Auburn Hair (Short Story)

Sofia had always loved auburn hair. As a child, the auburn hair had become an obsession with her. One day, as she skirted inside her huge palatial mansion, she found a few strands of them on the bed. They were very beautiful locks... neither her American mother's blonde, whom she had taken after, nor her… Continue reading The Auburn Hair (Short Story)

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Insane drudgery…(Short story)

Waking up at four in the morning, Bharti would kick-start her day by making tea for everyone, followed with break-fast and lunch. She would then cook and pack the tiffin-boxes for her husband, Ashmit and her two children (Alia aged 7 and Rahul aged 10) closing with the last one for herself. Once done, she… Continue reading Insane drudgery…(Short story)

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The Termination (Short Story)

Aarti and Rohit were lovers since college. It was a spark of smile at first sight which eventually blossomed into friendship and liking, after which came in love. Aarti was confident about her open minded family though Rohit had apprehensions in disclosing his relationship to anyone around until the right moment arrived. Several years passed… Continue reading The Termination (Short Story)