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My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

Twinkle Khanna, widely known for her blunt, satirical articulation and sassy punchlines, often never desists from calling a spade a spade. This article is with reference to a recent video posted out by her on Mother’s Day where she captioned the video as: “What mother’s really want for Mother’s Day but can’t tell their kids.… Continue reading My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

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Everything Is Connected (100 Word Story #Mom)

She knew her mom inside out, of what she’d approve and all that she’d not. Extraordinarily strict but straightforward, after all, she toiled for the family. A loyal daughter, she would always act as her mother would deem appropriate, ever careful never to hurt her, even at the cost of her wishes. Years later, a… Continue reading Everything Is Connected (100 Word Story #Mom)

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Karma Laughs – Part 2

Link to Part 1 That night Nitish did not return home. Sleep eluded Raghav. He had to act immediately, before the situation got any worse. Next day, he began dialling Nitish’s friends to enquire about his whereabouts when someone informed him that Nitish mostly hanged out with Akshat, because they had the similar aspirations and… Continue reading Karma Laughs – Part 2

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Partnerships and Celebrations…

Just recently, someone close visiting us, casually happened to ask, if we had any plans to celebrate my hubby's upcoming birthday, to which hubby was quick to respond that it'd just be like any normal day. We all seemed to unanimously agree. But on an afterthought, I found myself slightly disagreeing over a question, that… Continue reading Partnerships and Celebrations…

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Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

Four-year-old Vihaan woke up in the morning and chirped, "Good Morning Mamma". "Good Morning Darling. How are you feeling today? Are you Ok?" asked Smriti stretching on the bed, before moving on to affectionately hug him and pull him into her arms, under the blanket. Her husband Aditya had already left for the day. He… Continue reading Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

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Simple Things That Are Difficult To Understand ( A Super Short one)

Love is: Irreplaceable Money is: Valuable Time is : Irreversible Character is : Indispensable Trust is: Vulnerable Thoughts are : Changeable Kindness is : Commendable Feelings are : Sustainable Destiny is : Unpredictable Respect earned is : Laudable However, CONDUCT should be : CONTROLLABLE So always make sure to factor in all the above while… Continue reading Simple Things That Are Difficult To Understand ( A Super Short one)

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The Sandcastle (Short Story)

Seven year old Neel and Kathy played together on the beach, whenever they came along with their mothers. They loved building sandcastles. Kathy could never get hers right but Neel had become an expert in making them. He could however sense Kathy's despair when she saw her model to be a far off cry from… Continue reading The Sandcastle (Short Story)