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Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

Sometimes I feel like taking on the world by storm, Dart ahead, achieve my dreams, shine, tearing all the norms Imagine myself alone, rip every boundary, without an ounce of care, Sans dubiety, keep going places, for that's how my career should fare, Sometimes I wish life just went by, with not any bother around,… Continue reading Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

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The Mentoring (Poem)

Once I erred in my Math homework, My teacher tweaked my ears hard, Little did he know, how sad I’d been, With none to help, for the mess I was Dad stayed busy, earning bread for us, Mom travelled away, to spiral her career Would anyone spare a small thought? For this lost little boy,… Continue reading The Mentoring (Poem)

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The Innocent (#100WordStory – Image based FlashFiction)

Trekking up the mountain realms,                                         Were those evil hands, again in her dream, Profound, dark shadows etched on her mind, Unforgettable, beckoning her every time, Reminders of a gruesome past, Wanton grope and inappropriate acts,… Continue reading The Innocent (#100WordStory – Image based FlashFiction)

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Some New Year Resolutions

2018 that began with no goals, ends with none, I thought, after all these years why not live the fun, Of strolling the unknown path, the new year would bring And say "Yes" to all that life has to give For years on end, I've lived planning my ways It's time I bid goodbye to… Continue reading Some New Year Resolutions

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Being ‘Single’ or being true to oneself ? (Poem)

Is 'Single' a 'status'? No...'Single' is the 'Truth' For this is how each one is born And this is how we would be gone We blend and gain company, during our sojourn here but yet Singularity somewhere, is what the heart wants to preserve Single is Unique, Single is unattached Single is going Solo, Single… Continue reading Being ‘Single’ or being true to oneself ? (Poem)