Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

It was six in the morning. The cook had already left, finishing his daily routine of preparing breakfast and lunch. Adarsh got up and silently tiptoed into the kitchen, so as not to disturb Vartika. He switched on the coffee kettle, packed his own and their five-year-old daughter, Raavi’s lunch box. He then woke up … Continue reading Imperfect Couple But A Perfect Love (A Valentines Day Post)

A Lawyer for Truth And Justice…And His Untold Secret

The court room was packed with media and public who had thronged to witness the proceedings. As the lawyers' arguments progressed, the judge intently heard and made his notes. The plaintiff, a woman, had accused her colleague of an attempted molestation and the issue had become a rage, with everyone wanting to punish the offender. … Continue reading A Lawyer for Truth And Justice…And His Untold Secret

Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

Reading so many articles on the supposedly most taboo subject “PERIODS”, evokes certain thoughts. There was an era when certain things were staunchly followed during menstruation and they were: (1) Female folks of the home were told to stay separate (2) Instructed not to touch anything or anyone (3) Even given leftovers to eat (including … Continue reading Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

One small step…(Short story)

The little boy sat cowering on his bench, attempting to hide his face into his book. 'Deepak', he heard Mishraji, his class teacher, calling out his name. He stood up, still looking downwards and dispirited. 'Whats the matter?', queried Mr. Mishra approaching his bench. Nine year old Deepak nodded his head, implying nothing, head still … Continue reading One small step…(Short story)

Being ‘Single’ or being true to oneself ? (Poem)

Is 'Single' a 'status'? No...'Single' is the 'Truth' For this is how each one is born And this is how we would be gone We blend and gain company, during our sojourn here but yet Singularity somewhere, is what the heart wants to preserve Single is Unique, Single is unattached Single is going Solo, Single … Continue reading Being ‘Single’ or being true to oneself ? (Poem)