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The Superwoman Syndrome

Accoutred in smart formals, I strode into my cabin, all magnificent, Pride permeating, betraying every nucleus, Beautiful, slender and lithe, How was I to ever know, That this superwoman thing is a true-blue myth? . The home, over time, evoked a dreary ennui, While wrangling frontline, in the arena of fealties, With the elementary pleasures… Continue reading The Superwoman Syndrome

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Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

Youth, is that phase of life, where everyone brims with energy. When vitality is often at it's peak, given the buoyancy and stamina of that age, we often end up doing things that we cannot even imagine attempting during the later stages of our lives. After the 40s, as the waning phase sets in, one… Continue reading Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

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Precious Nothings

As my slumberous eyes open to the bright yellow rays of the desert sun permeating into the room, glazing through the tall, sun-kissed windows, I stretch leisurely and smile. No chirping of birds here, unlike India and yet an encompassing quietness, lending a unique serenity to the surroundings, indeed makes it a divine morning. Yawning… Continue reading Precious Nothings

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The Purpose (Short story)

A young mother had just lost her baby. Juvenile diabetic that she was, the infant had been still-born. This had been her only chance at motherhood since the doctors had strictly forbidden even this one. The complications of her pregnancy could eventually lead her into precarious health conditions, rendering her dysfunctional for life or maybe… Continue reading The Purpose (Short story)

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My Connection with the Almighty !!! (Part I)

Many a times I can strongly feel the presence of god around me....I know he's just there...as ever...watching out...guiding...protecting... He looks on as I fail in some of the things that I attempted and miserably wished they succeeded but never did...WHAT IS HE DOING?, I have wondered agitatedly...only to eventually realise that HE was there...… Continue reading My Connection with the Almighty !!! (Part I)