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Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

Youth, is that phase of life, where everyone brims with energy. When vitality is often at it's peak, given the buoyancy and stamina of that age, we often end up doing things that we cannot even imagine attempting during the later stages of our lives. After the 40s, as the waning phase sets in, one… Continue reading Let That Adrenaline Rush Get You

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Canines On Railway Platforms (#100WordStory)

Mumbai platforms, famous for their crowd, include canine population too. Dogs thrive on the food waste littered around and bunk underneath their favourite place, the benches. On a jam-packed morning, as a group of college students wait for an unoccupied train to arrive, with the congestion and commotion making everyone restless, suddenly a girl jumps… Continue reading Canines On Railway Platforms (#100WordStory)

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The Pyramid Scare….

They went to explore the Egyptian pyramids and only once they stood before it, did they truly realise what 'Magnificience' was...dumbstruck by the overwhelming presence, they wondered how were they ever going to begin...it seemed too huge to even decide the starting point of their work. But it was only 3 pm and there was… Continue reading The Pyramid Scare….