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As I stand, gazing at the rain,The droplets trickling down the window pane,My eyes mist over brief recollections,Of stolen moments under the grey heavens,Where, unbridled, I courted freedomEnjoying every import of humdrumThe mind once smogged with lackadaisical dreams,And in the heart where only serenity screamedI ask myself now, 'What's bereft'?For hardly anything of the old… Continue reading Rhythm


What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)

With mindless flicks, her brushes incessantly painted a blue door that stood amidst virgin white walls. Blue…the colour of sea…signifying trust, loyalty, commitment, intelligence, tranquillity, all of which she'd kept seeking after her better-half left a childless her, for another marraige. Her journey had been a lonely despair thereafter. Then one day, her step-son returned,… Continue reading What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)

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The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

She went about her regular chores with unusual quietness. It was her birthday but the day held nothing special. Who would bother about birthdays of an insignificant person as she?   “Come back. We’ve some guests in the evening. I need your help.”, Memsahib addressed. She nodded sombrely. Memsahib usually paid for these extra works,… Continue reading The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

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Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

Four-year-old Vihaan woke up in the morning and chirped, "Good Morning Mamma". "Good Morning Darling. How are you feeling today? Are you Ok?" asked Smriti stretching on the bed, before moving on to affectionately hug him and pull him into her arms, under the blanket. Her husband Aditya had already left for the day. He… Continue reading Together in Spirit (A Short Story)

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Genetically yours…Storyteller (Super short story)

Toddler sits near Mamma and tells her in an important tone "Mamma I want to say something" ‘She’s picking up communication and manners from us really well’, mom can't help noticing. Setting the iPad aside, the curious Mom now turns around to pay full attention, "Yes Darling! Tell me what do you want to say?'… Continue reading Genetically yours…Storyteller (Super short story)

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Modern Day Confusions – Love vs Arranged (marriage)

After a string of failed affairs, Alia had begun to wonder if she should look at the option of going in for an arranged marriage. Until now, where she had strongly believed in self-selection, besides the credence that attraction and romance are extremely important factors without which a marriage would not subsist, the results being… Continue reading Modern Day Confusions – Love vs Arranged (marriage)